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Some of our patients in Philadelphia, Villanova, Bryn Mawr, and other nearby areas in Pennsylvania are bothered by unusual scarring due to injury or a previous surgery. These individuals seek scar treatment from Dr. Raymond D. Jean, a board-certified plastic surgeon who practices at Main Line Plastic Surgery.

What is Scar Treatment?

Scar treatment refers to any procedure designed to remove or reduce the appearance of scars. A scar revision may be performed to lighten very dark scars or to even out raised scars so they do not protrude from the skin. Scars can be treated in nearly any area of the body, although some are notoriously more difficult to improve than others are.

Ideal Candidates for Scar Treatment

Nearly anyone can be a good candidate for scar treatment. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Jean so that he can assess your scar and come up with a treatment plan that is right for you.

Scar Treatment Procedure

  • Scars may be treated in one of the following manners:

    • Excision, which involves cutting away the scar and sewing the surrounding tissues back together. Occasionally, a skin graft may also be needed to fill in any sunken areas.
    • Surface treatments such as a chemical peel to remove the top layer of skin and provide a fresher look to the layers beneath. Topical creams may also be used to improve skin health and help fade very dark scars.
    • Laser treatments, which also remove damaged layers and stimulate new skin growth.
    • Steroid injections typically used on raised or hypertrophic scars to help flatten them.

Treatment of Burn Scarring

Many of our Main Line area patients are concerned with burn scars, which can cover large areas of skin and result in discoloration or unsightly changes in texture. Two techniques that are often used to treat burn scars include:

  • Serial Excision: This procedure involves performing an excision to remove part of the scar, and then closing the remaining tissue using minimal tension. Once this excision is healed, additional procedures are then performed at between eight and 12 weeks apart. Each time the scar area becomes smaller and smaller until it is finally reduced.
  • Tissue Expansion: This technique is used whenever tissue surrounding the scar is approximately the same texture and thickness. A tissue expander may be used to “stretch” the skin, thereby eliminating the need for a skin graft.

How Many Treatments Are Needed To Remove Scars?

Some scars require ongoing treatment over a period of several weeks, while others can be resolved in a single procedure. During your consultation, Dr. Jean will come up with a timeline for treatment, and will then be better able to advise you on how to plan for surgery.

What to Expect* after Scar Treatment

No two people notice results in the same manner. Dr. Jean will give you a better idea as to what you can expect once he has come up with a treatment plan.

In most cases, patients gradually notice their scars disappearing, and develop enhanced self-esteem as their appearance improves.

If you have unsightly scars, nothing says you have to put up with them forever.  Text or Call Main Line Plastic Surgery to schedule a scar treatment consultation today.

* Results will vary by person and are based upon the patient, the procedure, and the aftercare program.