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No breasts are identical, so your procedure should be specific to you. They’re not just breasts – they’re your breasts. Whether you would like larger, smaller, or perkier breasts, Dr. Jean can help you achieve beautiful, natural-looking results.

Many women struggle with the size and shape of their breasts, which can change after childbirth or due to age, but some women also experience asymmetrical or small breasts due to genetics. There are a variety of ways to achieve great results giving you the look you want.

Breast surgeries such as breast augmentation are one of the most popular PLASTIC SURGERY PROCEDURES Dr. Jean performs.

If you’re unhappy with the look of your breasts, please contact Main Line Plastic Surgery in the Philadelphia area today Text or Call to schedule your initial consultation. Our Bryn Mawr office serves patients in surrounding Pennsylvania areas including The Main Line, Bala Cynwyd, Delaware County, Chester County, and South Jersey.

Patient Testimonial

“I had underdeveloped breast tissue since adolescence. I tandem nursed both my daughters for several years and I am so happy that I exceeded my nursing goals! When I stopped nursing and my body went back to “normal” I decided to get an augmentation for me. I did my research (I have a heavily-digital and slightly-medical background so I was VERY picky with finding a doctor online). Dr Jean was extremely professional and skilled, and his “bedside manner” was impeccable (and calm). I get very nervous, so genuine kindness cannot be understated! His work is beautiful and his genuinity was all I could hope for. The only critique is with his logo 😉 change that hetero normative depiction 😉 But don’t let that put you off!! His work is amazing and he is very caring and responsive and just wonderful. (And his staff is FIRE — they are always on point so that really takes the cake — thank you so much!!!)” – J.R.
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Your Breast Procedure Options

Dr. Jean offers the full gamut of breast enhancement procedures and has the skill and experience to achieve your aesthetic goals for your breasts safely. These plastic surgeries include:

  • Breast AugmentationThis breast surgery uses implants to increase the size of your breasts. It is the most popular surgery in the United States. Women who simply want larger breasts or struggle with asymmetrical or tubular breasts can benefit from breast augmentation.
  • Natural Breast Augmentation: Using unwanted fat from another area of your body, your breast size can be increased naturally without using implants. Fat is carefully removed via liposuction from the desired areas and then transferred into the breasts to increase size and improve shape.
  • Breast ReductionMany women struggle with abnormally large breasts that don’t match their figure or cause back and shoulder pain. A breast reduction can be done for medical and cosmetic reasons, as large breasts can affect not only your appearance but also your well-being.
  • Breast LiftA breast lift can be done as a standalone procedure, combined with breast implants, or natural breast augmentation with fat. Women who have sagging or droop to their breasts due to pregnancy, breast feeding, genetics, or aging can benefit from a breast lift.
  • Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction)Gynecomastia is a condition in which teenage boys and men have excess breast tissue that can cause sensitivity and pain, but also social embarrassment. Dr. Jean offers male breast reduction to restore a manly figure, which can often be accomplished with laser-assisted liposuction.

Qualifying For and Planning Your Breast Surgery

The best candidates for breast surgery are unhappy with their appearance and are in good overall health. We’ll need to know all medications and vitamins you take as well as a thorough medical history. Dr. Jean recommends waiting at least three months after pregnancy and 3 to 6 months after breast feeding to undergo any breast procedure.

Once we’ve determined whether breast surgery is right for you, we’ll discuss your options and the cost. Our staff can help you with financing. We accept cash, check, credit or debit, and CareCredit®, which provides different plans for financing your procedure.

When it comes time to decide the size of breasts you’d like, we use the MENTOR® Volume Sizing System to help you see and feel your potential outcome. The system involves molds placed over your breasts in a special sizing bra, allowing you to see how you could look in your own clothing, and to find the size that matches your body figure and aesthetic goals.

Dr. Jean can help you from an expert view, and the MENTOR® sizing system gives you the advantage of seeing your results and making a more informed decision on size.
Before your surgery, you’ll need to find a friend or family member who can take you home after your procedure. You’ll feel groggy due to the anesthesia and won’t be able to drive yourself. You may also need help at home doing everyday activities and chores for a few days. That’s especially important if you have small children because you need to limit yourself when it comes to bending over, lifting, tugging, or pulling something. It’s a great idea to prepare meals ahead of time and freeze them, so you don’t have to worry about cooking and staying well nourished. Dr. Jean employs rapid recovery techniques which allow most of our breast surgery patients to return to work and normal activities in 72 hours or less.

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Dr. Raymond Jean gets to know each patient’s unique concerns and desired results. We measure success by how happy you are with your results. We don’t measure our success based on how many breast surgeries we perform (although that number is pretty large). It’s the high-quality results and rave reviews that let us know we’re doing things right.

If you have questions about breast surgery or would like to schedule an consultation, please contact Main Line Plastic Surgery in Bryn Mawr today Text or Call. Our plastic surgeon and friendly staff serve patients in the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania areas.