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The face is typically where we first notice the signs of aging and exposure to the elements. Sometimes our genetics and bone structure play a part as well. Facial plastic surgeries involve all forms of alterations to your facial features and can address one or more signs of aging at once. Our plastic surgeon also performs reconstructive procedures for men, women, and sometimes children who have suffered facial injuries in an accident which gives him added experience and techniques in performing your cosmetic procedure

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Your Facial Plastic Surgery Options

Most of our facial surgeries are done to counteract visible indicators of age on the forehead, brow, face, and neck, while others address disproportionate areas of the face such as small chin or prominent ears. Most are performed as outpatient procedures, meaning you return home the same day.

Some of the facial procedures we offer include:

  • Facelift: The traditional facelift has come a long way since the ’90s, when the results often looked fake and overdone. This procedure not only lifts sagging skin and muscles of your face, but also adds volume to face through fat grafting a step that is missing in may face lifts and if not performed leads to a very unnatural looking result. The result of this combined technique is a natural appearing younger version of you with long-lasting results. A neck lift is often performed at the same time.
  • Midface Lift: The midface lift focuses on restoring the natural, youthful curve of your face by raising the fat pads inside your cheeks and improving under eye bags. It’s great for without jowls but showing aging in the cheek area.
  • Mini-Facelift: This is best for men and women looking to address early signs of facial aging specifically in the cheeks and jowls. This procedure is shorter than a full facelift and designed for those with a lesser degree of facial aging in the lower face.
  • Laser Neck Lift: Allowing maximal result with minimal down time, laser neck lifts address excess fat of the neck and moderate loose skin by not only removing fat but also stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in the skin of the neck which results in skin tightening. In addition, the treatment addresses early jowling at the same time. Laser neck lift is performed in the office while awake with minimal down time and excellent results.
  • Neck Lift: Many patients electing to have a neck lift combine this with a facelift to address jowling and the lower face in addition to the neck. This is a perfect combination to maximize your result. A neck lift tightens not only the skin which has lost elasticity and begun to sag but also the underlying muscle of the neck to provide long lasting results. This gives you a more youthful appearance and also corrects what is often called “turkey neck.”
  • Otoplasty (Ear Pinning): Prominent or markedly different ears can often cause anxiety and self consciousness for patients of all ages. Otoplasty or ear pinning can be used to make ears less prominent or improve the symmetry between ears. It’s often done to correct asymmetric ears, protruding ears, and damage done by injury or piercing, such as torn earlobes or to restore normal appearing ear lobes after gauges. For most older children and adults, this procedure can be performed in office while awake.
  • Chin Implant: For those with a weak chin or just desiring a stronger profile, a chin implant can be a remarkable procedure. The procedure is safe with minimal recovery and permanent results.  There are many implants designed to meet your specific goals for both men and women.
  • Blepharoplasty: Also known as eyelid surgery, this option is done for both medical and cosmetic reasons and can be used to address both upper and lower eyelid concerns. Excess upper eyelid skin can not only give a tired appearance but also causing drooping of the eyelids. Excess fat or skin of the lower eyelids can appear a bags. The eyelid lift can generally be performed in the office while awake with minimal down time.
  • Lip Augmentation: An increasingly popular procedure to increase the size of the lips. While most patients opt for fillers to increase lip volume, those patients wanting a more permanent solution may chose fat transfer or lip implants. Filler or fat transfer can easily be performed in the office while awake. Swelling can occur and may take 24 to 48 hrs to resolve.
  • Brow Lift: Tightening and smoothening of the forehead area and between the brows, a brow lift or forehead lift is perfect for those who having drooping of the eyebrows and wrinkling of the forehead. Performed endoscopically with minimal incisions in the scalp, brow lift raises the eyebrows to give a brighter appearance to the eyes as well as smoothing the forehead. This is also a great alternative for men and women who haven’t been able to achieve their desired results with BOTOX or Dysport.

Our plastic surgeon performs many facial plastic surgeries on an outpatient basis and many with local anesthetics, giving you the benefit of staying awake during the procedure and less downtime. Candidates should be nonsmokers or must quit smoking 6 weeks prior to the procedure.

We recommend scheduling your surgery at least 4-6 weeks before an important event. The incisions are carefully hidden in natural creases of skin when possible, and your entire treatment plan is crafted to meet your individual needs.

The results from most facial procedures can be seen immediately, visibly eliminating years from your appearance. However, your full results may not be apparent for several days or weeks. For recovery, we’ll provide you with instructions specific to your surgery, but contact us as soon as possible if you questions or concerns. We are available 24/7.

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