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Women desire breast augmentation for many reasons. Some women desire to increase the size of their breast to be more proportionate their bodies while others desire to regain breast volume that was lost after pregnancy and breast feeding or weight loss. One of the most common misconceptions is that breast augmentation or breast implants always look “fake.” The vast majority of our patients desire and obtain natural looking breasts after surgery that are proportionate to their body. For those who desire a bustier look, this too can be obtained.

Breast surgery is one of the most popular procedures at Main Line Plastic Surgery. Our plastic surgeon, Dr. Raymond Jean, takes pride in helping our patients in the Bryn Mawr area achieve their desired goals for their breasts and overall body contour.

If you’re interested in breast augmentation, please contact our plastic surgery office in Pennsylvania today Text or Call to schedule your consultation. Main Line Plastic Surgery serves patients throughout Pennsylvania including Bryn Mawr, Philadelphia, Bala Cynwyd, and South Jersey.

Breast augmentation is typically performed using saline or silicone implants or the Ideal Implant, but there are different options within each category when it comes to increasing the size of your breasts. The procedure will be tailored to your unique body type and body sculpting goals. Dr. Raymond Jean will discuss these options and answer all of your questions during your in-depth consultation, helping you decide which type of breast augmentation is right for you.

Some of the details you will discuss include:

Your Breast Implant Options

The main breast implant choices are saline and silicone, but we also offer the “gummy bear” and IDEAL implants as well as the fat transfer for increased breast size. Saline implants consist of a silicone shell that’s placed in your breasts, then filled to a predetermined size with saline (salt water). One of the benefits of the saline implant is that if an implant were to rupture, it would be noticeable right away, but visible rippling can occur depending on the placement and amount of overlying breast tissue.

Silicone implants are made of a silicone shell and filled with a highly cohesive silicone gel.  Most patients agree that they offer the most natural look and feel. Silicone implants are the most common implants used in the U.S. and world.  Silicone implants have gone through more medial studies to assure safety than any other medical device.

Breast Augmentation - Before & After

Breast Augmentation Before & After Banner
Breast Augmentation Before & After Banner
Breast Augmentation Before & After Banner
Breast Augmentation Before & After Banner

See BEFORE-AND-AFTER PHOTOS of breast augmentation surgery.

Gummy bear implants also known as form stable or shaped implants are made of more solid silicone which maintains it shape, hence the term gummy bear implant. They are shaped like a natural breast . These implants in particular may be a good choice for women with little breast tissue desiring a very natural looking result.

The IDEAL implant is a newer form of the saline implant. There are two chambers containing saline as well silicone partitions within the implant similar to the shell of a normal saline implant that prevent free flow of the saline. The Ideal implant offers a firmer, more natural feel than a traditional saline implant and is less likely to show rippling than a saline implant. For those women who desire a saline implant but are concerned about rippling or want a more natural feeling implant, the IDEAL Implant is an excellent option.

You also have the option of fat transfer breast augmentation, which uses fat harvested from another area of your body (typically the abdomen and “love handle” areas) to increase the size of your breasts. This method is completely natural but best suited for those women desiring an increase of a cup size or less.

What People Say About Us!

The best!! From the initial phone calls with Lynn, who is extremely accommodating, friendly and knowledgeable, to the office, which is clean and modern, then there is Dr. Jean…..he is down to earth, calm, very knowledgeable and nice! I was extremely confident I was with the correct surgeon…..My breast augmentation went fabulous. He is an excellent, caring surgeon who is always available to address concerns. My results ar exactly what I wanted as a middle aged woman. Nicer, but not too much! Also, the Bryn Mawr Surgical Center has the best staff one could ask for. Don’t look any further. This is the practice you are looking for!
KM – Audubon, PA

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Choosing Your Breast Implant Size

Your satisfaction with your results relies on the right choice of implants and correct implant size. Dr. Jean can help guide you with his expertise, but the final decision on implant size is ultimately yours. That’s why we use the Mentor Sizing System, which is utilized during your consultation. Our plastic surgeon will spend at least 30-45 minutes with you determining the best way to achieve your goals.

The Mentor Sizing System has 18 volume sizers that can be used to give you a best possible representation of your breast augmentation results. These sizers are molds placed over your breasts using a special sizing bra, so you can see what your new breasts will actually look like in your own clothing. We can show you up to 24 variations of breast volume. By using this sizing platform, we believe you’re more likely to love your final outcome.

Incision Sites for Breast Augmentation

We offer three options for breast implant incisions: inframammary, peri-areolar, and transaxillary. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, but the incision Dr. Jean uses for your breast augmentation will be determined based on your anatomy, implant choice and desired results. The inframammary incision is made under your breast in the natural breast fold. It gives Dr. Jean the ability to work as close as possible to the breast and provides exceptional visibility and accuracy. Inframammary incision is typically 3-6cm depending on implant size and type and is well hidden in the fold beneath your breast.

The peri-areolar incision is made around your nipple or areola. This option gives Dr. Jean great precision for positioning your implant, and because the incision is made around your areolas, it’s easily concealed in the darker pigment when it’s healed.

Transaxillary incision is made in your armpit in the natural fold. This incision is best used for saline implants or smaller silicone implants as it can’t accommodate for large, pre-filled implants.

Breast Implant Placement

The placement of your breast implants largely depends on the type of implant you choose, your natural anatomy, and the size and shape you’re aiming for in your results. Dr. Jean will either place your implants above your pectoral muscles (subglandular) or below them (submuscular). He’ll discuss these choices with you during your consultation and determine which implant placement will achieve your desired breast appearance.

Candidates for Breast Enhancement

Most women are good candidates for breast augmentation. The FDA has approved saline implants for women over the age of 18 and silicone implants for those over the age of 22. However, women with concerns such as breast asymmetry may be eligible during late adolescence. You may not qualify for breast enhancement if you have a severe medical condition that may increase your risk of complications.

Recovery from breast augmentation is rapid. Most patients return to work and normal activities within 3 days. Significant chest exercises and heavy lifting may be limited for 2-3 weeks.

How to Prepare for Breast Surgery

Our medical staff and board-certified plastic surgeon will walk you through the preparation steps for your breast augmentation. There are several ways you can prepare your home and your daily life for the time you’ll need to recover fully such as:

  • Stock your home with nutritious foods that are easy to make. You can also pre-cook your favorite meals and freeze them, so they’re readily available during your recovery.
  • Fill any prescriptions beforehand and have over-the-counter pain medications that contain acetaminophen such as Tylenol readily available.
  • Identify a friend or family member who can be there for you following your procedure and take you home. You’ll need someone to help you for the first 48 hours or so.
  • Rearrange your home so that everything you’ll need is on one floor of your house and create a recovery area with extra pillows to help you stay slightly elevated when you sleep or rest.

Dr. Jean uses rapid recovery breast augmentation practices when performing breast augmentation, which helps our patients get back to their daily life within 2-3 days, sometimes less. He accomplishes this through meticulous surgical techniques, long acting local anesthetic, and getting patients moving quickly to avoid becoming stiff following surgery.

The Cost of Breast Augmentation in Bryn Mawr

There are many plastic surgery centers that advertise lower prices for breast augmentation and other procedures, but you truly do “pay for expertise.” Dr. Jean has years of experience with breast surgery and judges our success by the satisfaction of our patients. He will be with you and available to answer your questions throughout the entire process from start to finish. He will perform your entire surgery.

As we’ve mentioned, there are a wide variety of options for breast augmentation, which means the cost of your procedure will also vary. Our experienced staff can discuss your financing options. We accept cash, check, major debit and credit cards and can help you apply for CareCredit®. This credit option is used specifically for medical procedures both elective and necessary.

Schedule Your Breast Augmentation Consultation in Bryn Mawr

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