Choosing the Right Breast Implant Size

There are many factors to consider when planning your breast augmentation, and one of the most important choices you’ll have to make involves the size of your breast implants. Choosing the right breast implant size is not only important for delivering the beautiful outcome you desire, but it will also ensure that your new breasts don’t interfere with your ability to engage in all of your favorite activities.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Raymond Jean will evaluate the following factors in order to recommend the appropriate implant size for your unique needs and goals:

  • Your height, weight, chest and breast dimensions
  • Your desired final cup size
  • The amount of natural breast tissue you possess
  • Your skin elasticity
  • The extent to which you lead an active, athletic lifestyle

Breast Implants are Measured in Cubic Centimeters, not Cup Size

Breast implants aren’t measured in cup size. Instead, they’re measured in cubic centimeters (cc’s). Cubic centimeters are the preferred unit of measurement for breast implants because there is no standard cup size. A C cup bra from one manufacturer may differ from a C cup made by other manufacturers. By using cc’s, we are able to provide a more standardized system of measurement.

There is a wide range of implant sizes. Your breast implants can be as small as 120 cc’s and as large as 850 cc’s. In general, a 200 cc breast implant is roughly equivalent to an increase of one cup size in smaller bra sizes (32 and 34). For larger bra sizes (36 and above), you will need a slightly larger implant volume to achieve the same increase of one cup size.

Mentor Sizing System

Dr. Jean uses the Mentor Sizing System in order to identify the right implant size for your unique needs and goals. This system uses 18 different volume sizers to provide you with an accurate preview of your new breast size. A special sizing bra will be used to hold the sizers in place over your breasts. By altering the combination of sizers, Dr. Jean can simulate 24 different implant volumes.

The Mentor Sizing System offers you several important benefits:

  • It allows you to see how a variety of potential breast sizes will look in your own clothing
  • You’ll get a sense of how different breast sizes feel, which reduces the likelihood that you’ll choose a size that is too large and heavy for your frame
  • It makes you an active participant in the process of deciding the right breast implant size

We’ve found that our patients are much more likely to be happy with their results when they use the Mentor Sizing System during the breast augmentation planning phase.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Dr. Jean strives to achieve beautiful, natural looking results that complement your figure and are proportional with your frame. In most instances, this goal is best achieved using a moderate sized breast implant.

There are several reasons why it’s often better to choose a more moderately sized implant:

  • Reduced risk of complications – Choosing an implant size that is too large for your frame can potentially increase the risk of complications.
  • Less interference with your lifestyle – If you are very active and athletic, you’ll want to make sure that your implants aren’t so large that they impede your ability to engage in your favorite activities.
  • Reduced likelihood of back pain – Over time, breast implants that are too large for your frame can lead to back pain and posture issues.

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