What Is A Lip Lift?

shutterstock 1585722091Your lips actually have a significant impact on your overall beauty and how old you look. While many people are familiar with lip augmentation and boosting the volume of their lips, often overlooked is how the length, shape, and amount of visible pink tissue affects your appearance. A lip lift is targeted at these characteristics.

A lip lift can:

  • Shorten the distance between the bottom of your nose and the top of your lips
  • Increase the amount of pink showing on the upper lip
  • Reveal more of your front teeth which have been concealed by a drooping upper lip or an upper lip that has rolled inward

Your lip lift will be tailored to your lips and what you want to achieve.

How a Lip Lift is Performed

During the procedure, a thin strip of skin is removed from right below the nose, along the edge of the bottom of the nostrils. The skin is sutured together, which has the effect of lifting the area upward. The result is that the area from your nose to your upper lip is shortened, and that more of the vermillion tissue of the upper lip is exposed.

Typically, a lip lift is completed with local anesthetic only. If you are combining it with other surgical procedures, then general anesthesia may be used. Most people recover quickly from a lip lift with minimal downtime.

The area will be swollen after the procedure. The swelling is the most pronounced for the first week, after which you will notice a gradual return to normal. We’ll provide you with instructions for keeping the area clean to prevent infection. You will need to take a couple weeks off from strenuous exercise and activity. Your lip and the treatment area will start looking good around 2-3 weeks, with the best results taking shape over 2-3 months.

Your lip lift provides more or less permanent results. The tissue is permanently modified, but nothing can stop the continued effects of aging or the passing of time. It is possible your lip will descend downard a bit as you grow older, but most people continue to enjoy their results for the long haul.

Rejuvenate Your Lips

If you are interested in a lip lift in The Main Line of Philadelphia, please contact the Bryn Mawr practice of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Raymond Jean by calling 484-222-0010. We look forward to answering your questions and arranging your consultation!

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