Regain the Look You Want With Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Pretty Woman Posing in LingerieBreast cancer is the most common form of cancer, with nearly 300,000 new diagnoses in the United States in 2022. While early diagnosis and treatment is essential for a positive long-term prognosis, many women who have breast cancer may require a mastectomy in one or both breast to successfully remove the affected tissues and reduce the risk of recurrence.

Although a single or double mastectomy may significantly reduce the risks for recurrence of cancer growth, it may also leave women wishing to regain the lost appearance of their breasts and self-confidence.

Breast reconstruction surgery is a procedure that can bring back that appearance and can successfully return the breast size and shape after the mastectomy or lumpectomy. Oftentimes, the reconstruction procedure can be conducted at the same time as the mastectomy or lumpectomy. This reduces the risk of a second surgery, as well as the appearance of scarring.

Breast reconstruction surgery is generally grouped into two categories. Autologous reconstruction uses tissue removed from another part of your body. The results from this type of reconstruction are far more permanent than implant-based reconstruction, but is a much more complex procedure and results in scarring in two locations on your body.

Implant-based reconstructions is a much simpler procedure and can result in a shorter recovery time, much less scarring, and less time spent in the hospital. However, since artificial breast implants are used, and the implants have a shorter lifespan, a follow-up procedure will be needed between 10 and 15 years following the reconstruction to replace or remove the implant.

If you are currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer at the time of the mastectomy, you may need to wait some time before undergoing implant-based breast reconstruction. It’s best to wait one month following chemotherapy, and at least six months after radiation.

Dr. Jean and his staff at Main Line Plastic Surgery in Bryn Mawr, PA have the skill and expertise to help regain the look of your breast and your self-confidence. Wherever you are at in your treatment process, call Mainline Plastic Surgery at 484-222-0010 or visit to get started on a full recovery plan.

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