Common Areas to Get Liposuction

LiposuctionLiposuction is a type of cosmetic surgery that looks to eliminate fat from the body using a suction method. This procedure has been growing in popularity for its ability to deliver fast results that are noticeable, and sometimes life-changing.

Liposuction helps you eliminate fat, and with a proper exercise routine and diet, you can keep the fat off for good.

What Are Some Common Areas For Liposuction? 

Liposuction can be performed anywhere on the body where there are fat deposits, but we are going to discuss some of the common areas that people target when getting this procedure.

Love Handles

The love handles are the areas on either side of your waist near your back. This area is very common for liposuction and is performed because it is a common area where fat likes to go.


The abdomen region is a common area where liposuction is performed. As we get older, fat tends to begin to accumulate in this region. Eliminating fat in this area can promote a more sculpted and toned figure.

Chin & Neck

Even with no weight change, fat can begin to accumulate in the chin and neck area. Liposuction can target small fat deposits, which makes it the perfect solution for anyone that is looking to eliminate fat in the neck or chin region.

Upper Arms

When weightlifting and a healthy diet aren’t working, many people turn to liposuction to help them eliminate that stubborn upper arm fat. With this procedure, you can remove excess fat from your arms to reveal the toned muscle underneath.

Note that liposuction does not tone muscles themselves, so if you want to get a more defined physique, you’ll have to perform the appropriate exercises.

Schedule Your Liposuction With Mainline Plastic Surgery 

At Mainline Plastic Surgery in Bryn Mawr, PA we focus on providing a welcoming atmosphere and treating our patients like family. Our staff prioritizes your comfort over everything and works to get you a personalized experience that is unique to you and your goals.

The team is led by Dr. Raymond Jean, a plastic surgeon who will work with you to get you the best results possible. He founded Mainline Plastic Surgery in 2012 with the focus on making his patients’ dreams turn into reality.

If you are interested in working with us, call us at 484-222-0010 or fill out our online contact form here to get started with us.

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